segunda-feira, 22 de setembro de 2008

we the innocent we the guilty we the fuck

Despite what you may be looking
for, there is only one thing you´ll
ever find:
These days, whilke we stuggle
for freedom or peace,
every move that´s made is
a crime.

No need for left, right or
any kind of anarchy. You´ll be
judged, sooner or later
for waking up in the morning:
the thief who robbed a bank
today wouldn´t,
if he hadn´t woken up.

Even I,

even I am a criminal, everyday
standing up for those who
are not guilty or innocent. No one´s
innocent. Yet. no one´s guilty.
The difference
is only in being judged by
some random step you
took one day. Call it
a crime.

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